FAQs for ž Scholarship Assistance Program

ž Scholarship Assistance Program will give you an edge over your competitors. This program prepares your profile to get eligible for the scholarships. This program suggests the best scholarship for you based on your profile and also guides you with the complete process of application along with the timeline. Your personalized scholarship report covers suggested scholarships, eligibility in terms of academic and non-academic, timeline, the complete process of application, and documentation. It will also cover the SOP, LOR, work experience, CV, essay, publications, suggested course programs, interview preparations and other requirements to avail the best scholarship for your profile.   

ž Scholarship Assistance Program covers the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, UAE, Germany, Italy, South Korea and 15 other study destinations. 

There are more than 150 Parameters for getting a Scholarship like Your study destination, your citizenship country, academic grades, test scores, selected course program, LOR, SOP, essay, publications and 140 others. 

No, Our team of experts conduct your profiling and based on that, our scholarship experts design a personalized report for you with all the necessary details. We guarantee if you fulfil all the requirements mentioned in your report you will get a 100% scholarship. 

It completely depends upon the scholarship, some scholarship covers your tuition fees, and some scholarship and grants cover your complete study expenses. The Scholarship amount can be from Rs. 10 Lacs to 2 Cr. per candidate. 

The Total Fee for the ž Scholarship Assistance Program is Rs. 58,000 + 18% GST (725 USD) that you need to pay in 2 instalments, the fee is non-refundable. The First instalment of Rs. 22,000 + 18% GST (275 USD) at the time of booking your Profiling Session and the second instalment of Rs. 36,000 + 18% GST (450 USD) at the time of ordering your Personalized Scholarship Report and booking your report analysis session with our scholarship expert. 

www.standyou.com and click on the Scholarship Assistance Program button at the header, next Signup/Login & Fill in your details, make a Payment of Rs. 22,000 + 18% GST (275 USD) and book a 1:1 Live Video Profiling session with a Profiling Expert. After you are done with the profiling make a Payment of Rs. 36,000 + 18% GST (450 USD) to get your Personalised Scholarship Report & book a 1:1 Live Video Report Analysis session with our scholarship expert. 

In the Profiling session our data mining experts record the academic and personal data of the candidate on more than 150 data points and suggest the options of study destinations and course programs targeting scholarship-based admission. 

The Expert will take you through every point mentioned in the report. The Expert will guide you on academic requirements, test scores, when to apply, where to apply and how to apply, they will also explain to you why to apply for the selected scholarship for you. The experts will also guide you in writing your SOP, getting LOR, Assistance in getting publications, and interviews preparations with the objective of making your profile fit for getting scholarships. 

Both the Profiling & Scholarship Report Analysis Sessions will be done through a 1:1 Live Video Session conducted by the data mining expert & Scholarship expert. 

The time duration of the Profiling session can be between 40 mins to 1 Hour and the time duration of the Report analysis session can be between 1 hour to 1 Hour and 30 mins. 

The Profiling Session can be booked between 10.30 A.M to 6.30 P.M from Monday to Saturday during working days. You can book your profiling session after 24 hours (1 day) & before 168 hours (7 days) from the time of making the payment for the profiling session. 

The ordering of the Scholarship Report and Report Analysis session can be booked between 10.30 A.M to 6.30 P.M from Monday to Saturday during working days. You can book your report analysis session after 72 hours (3 Days) & before 360 hours (15 days) from the time of making the payment for the report analysis session. 


The Report covers all aspects required for you to avail scholarship with a success rate of more than 98%. It covers the best-suggested scholarships based on your profile, eligibility terms of academic and non-academic, timeline, the complete process of applying, and documentation. It will also cover the SOP points, LOR, work experience, CV, essay, suggested publications, suggested course programs and other requirements to avail the best scholarship for your profile.

Yes, it will, The Scholarship Report and our experts suggest you the best study destination, universities and course program based on your profile, interest and future career interest. 

The students can select 1 study destination and based on their profile 20 best scholarships will get covered in the program. The program covers six primary & six secondary suggested scholarships, six scholarship-based admissions to top universities and two accommodation scholarships.

You will book another time slot by logging in to your dashboard or you can request us to book another time slot by emailing at [email protected]

Yes you can, many scholarship committees reward the applicants with good grades, some don't even ask for your GPA or Academic score on your application. That is because the award is more focused on your SOP, LOR, Work experience, essays, skills, goals, and overall success. 


Yes, ž provides end-to-end school/university admission through our common application platform in more than 20 study destinations all over the world. Once your profile is fit for scholarship-based admission and you want to apply for university admission you can apply through ž.

Yes, if your profile qualifies for scholarship-based admission it automatically increases your chance of getting admission into Ivy League Universities.

It can take you between 4 months to 9 months of time to build your profile for the fully funded scholarships and after that, you will be able to position yourself to make a successful scholarship application. 

Your Personalized Scholarship report will have all the details required for filling out your scholarship application like documentation, eligibility, contact details of scholarship providers and all other required information, but still, if you face any issue or difficulty at the time of application you get an option of scheduling a call of with our scholarship experts, the call can be scheduled by logging into your student dashboard. 


The ideal word limit for any given generic SOP is between 800 and 1000 words. unless the university specifies a different word count in its SOP writing instructions. SOP writing must be done following any set rules or questions. In the case of a Canada Visa or Australia Visa SOP or some student visa denial situations, the document may be 3-4 pages long.

DO NOT COPY from your friend's SOP or online sample SOP. Every university has software like Turnitin to check for plagiarism. In case of plagiarism, your admission will be cancelled.  

ž Assist is one of the best SOP writing services because the SOP Written by ž team not only helps you get admission into the top universities and get accepted by the scholarship committee to get the fully funded scholarship but also minimizes your visa rejection rate. Our team at ž concise all your academics, work experience, Interests, financial condition, achievements, and other data points to make your SOP a one-of-a-kind document. 

When creating an SOP at the last minute, you can engage our professional SOP writers to proofread and edit your essay online. Even if you want to hire professional writers, starting planning a few weeks in advance is a good idea. Once you have completed your SOP document, you can rest and concentrate on other important matters.

Statement Of Purpose - refers to a document that is elaborated as a Statement of Purpose; hence, SOP writing is the preparation of the statement of purpose, which is most widely used in university applications overseas. Leading international universities need students to submit a statement of purpose with their application, in which they must present a well-crafted statement that includes some pretty typical aspects that are crucial to constructing an appealing SOP. 


SOP is a critical document that determines whether or not you will be admitted to a particular university course. As a result, it must be written properly, displaying you as an intellectual and goal-oriented individual. Professional SOP writers understand the university's standards and how to create a beautiful story out of your profile. They make each SOP authentic and one-of-a-kind. Furthermore, hiring a competent SOP writer will provide you with an advantage over your competitors. 


Begin your SOP by explaining why you chose the particular course or programme. Mention your academic achievements and work background, and connect them to the programme you intend to pursue. Following that, discuss your extracurricular activities, future vision, and short- and long-term aspirations. Mention solid arguments for selecting a certain college from a specific country and demonstrate its significance to your career advancement. If you are offered the opportunity to study the programme, acknowledge your contributions to the school or student community at the end of your statement of purpose. If you are unsure about your writing abilities, get ž’s professional SOP writers to help you make the best SOP for your profile.

A good SOP should be free of grammatical and punctuation issues, spelling errors, and plagiarism. Write in detail and to the point so that all important information is addressed within the word limit. Even if the student is great in academics, a well-written screenplay with emotional connection and appeal has a better chance of getting accepted than a simply informed SOP. Contact us today if you require SOP authoring assistance.


These are the essential components of a Statement of Purpose for a Student Visa.

  • An excellent introduction
  • Academic Experience Professional Background (if any)
  • Why have you selected this course? 
  • Curriculum and course objectives?
  • Why did you choose this institution and nation in particular?
  • Future outlook and immediate and long-term career aspirations and objectives
  • Curriculum-Related or Additional Interests
  • Honors and Commendations
  • Family history and economic standing
  • Relation with birth-country and plans to return after completion of course
  • Information on the English proficiency, fee payment, confirmation of resources
  • Closing Paragraph


The significance of SOP writing can be realised by the fact that if this document is not properly produced, a student may lose the possibility to study at his or her favourite university or nation. As a result, paying particular attention while composing the sentence is crucial. Use all of your childhood tales, passions, academic background, and objectives to demonstrate why you are the first candidate to be admitted so that you can advance in your field. It is a letter of fate that determines your future, not just a document. Similarly, the logical evolution of the studies and grounds for returning to the home country must be extremely obvious in the case of the Visa SOP. People fail to pay attention while addressing the primary concerns of the visa officer in their SOP. Because of the poor SOP, their visa is denied. Many candidates take the wise route and engage Visa SOP writers in order to have a faultless SOP, increasing their chances of moving to a foreign area. Contact us today to have the best SOP drawn for you.


Each SOP is written with the course, university, and nation in mind. If you are applying for more than one course, you cannot use the same SOP because the courses are distinct and require different inspirations. If the course is the same, you can adjust the lines where you explain about the university and the country and apply. You can offer our expert SOP writers for all of the courses so that they can produce a generalised SOP that can be utilised for all of the courses or colleges with minor alterations.

SOP writing usually depends upon the course, university, and nation you are applying to. If you are applying for more than one course and country, you cannot use the same SOP because the courses are distinct and require different inspirations. If the course is the same, you can adjust the lines where you explain about the university and the country and apply. The same thing applies if you are applying to different countries. Each SOP must be specifically altered for each country, as per each country’s requirements.


Your SOP speaks with the admissions committee on your behalf. As a result, it must express your visions and goals in such a way that the programme for which you are applying is the next step on your journey to becoming a great figure in that sector. It should be able to demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the programme.

When applying for a degree, diploma, certificate, or research programme, you must present a Course SOP that focuses on your profile and then on the course, where you must also describe what you will study and how this course will help you reach your goals. The Visa SOP, on the other hand, focuses on your family background, financial condition, proof of finances, language score, ties to your home country, and previous overseas travel history, in addition to the course content and outcomes. It should persuade the immigration officer that you are a real student applying as a temporary entrant with no plans to return after completing the course. If you are unsure how to construct these two distinct versions, you should engage our SOP writing services to ensure that they are flawless, especially in the case of visa SOP writing, or your Study Permit may be denied.

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